Legend of the Witches Spell

Can you break Hagatha's spell?

For centuries, there have been whispers of a mysterious location within the dark forests of the Appalachian Mountains. An area that is said to be the home of two sisters. Though related, only one has good intentions.

Hagatha, the dreadful witch of the two, has cast an evil spell on their cabin. For all who enter, each become weaker and weaker until she has claimed their energy for her own. Hattie, the moral witch, has tried to stop this from happening, but Hagatha has become so much more powerful than her.

Nevertheless, Hattie was able to create a magical spell which draws good and fearless souls towards the isolated area. These unique individuals will help assist in putting an end to Hagatha’s awful intentions before her power sweeps further across the land.

Being the adventurous thrill-seekers that you are, you and your friends get the notion to take a camping trip within these legendary woods. Unbeknownst to you, your trip was predetermined by the good witch herself. Hattie needs your help to entrap her sister and break the wicked spell. Although, you will also need to find certain ingredients to bless the old, beaten down cabin which has suddenly appeared beneath the light of the full moon.

Will you be able to break the evil spell before dawn arrives or will you fall into the hands of Hagatha and be boiled in the Caldron!!

Escape Room Information

  • 2 - 6 Players
  • 60 minutes
  • Mysterious Adventure
  • Intermediate
  • 3
  • Unlimited

Completely Themed and Immersive Rooms Built by Our Own Creative Team, Talking Animatronics, Sounds and Animations Included, Unique Puzzles, Many Things for Everyone to Do. Nothing You’ve Seen Before.

Feelings of Surprise and Awe, Yes Moments, Bouts of Laughter, A Need to Share Your Experience with Family and Friends.

Escape Room Pricing



Plus Tax

  • 3 Amazing Rooms
  • Unlimited hints
  • Snacks and beer available for purchase