The Curse of the Captain's Treasure

Can you break the curse?

Every pirate worth his salt knows that the first rule of the sea is to find a good Matey to help with the crew. The second rule… never trust anyone!

Captain Pollock Huntington, one of the most powerful and greedy pirates of all the seas found one such lad named Roger. Although Roger was good at keeping the mates in line, he found himself in trouble many a time because of his senseless ways. One afternoon while taking inventory of his cherished loot, that which he had plundered from other unfortunate buccaneers, Captain Huntington realized pieces of his beloved treasure had vanished. But he was no fool. He had planned for such a betrayal. Huntington had set forth a mysterious and dreadful curse to be unleashed upon anyone who tried to take what was his.

It was the year 1776. Roger once again found himself in a difficult predicament, but this time he was unable to undo the harm he had caused. The curse had now been unleashed, transporting the ship to modern-day time. Roger only has one chance and one hour to make things right. Once time runs out, the curse returns the Poison Maid, back in time along with all its occupants to meet their demise!

While vacationing in the Caribbean with your friends, you and your group are taking a stroll along a secluded beach. As everyone is cheerfully wandering around, an old vessel appears in front of you, along with a posted request! The sign reads:

Courageous & witty buckos needed immediately!

Hunt for lost booty

and be rewarded handsomely!


Once ye step foot on me dock, there’s no turning back!

Do ye have the wits to embark on this adventure & claim the prize


will ye pay with ye lives?

Escape Room Information

  • 2 - 8 Players
  • 60 minutes
  • Fun Adventure
  • Intermediate
  • 3
  • Unlimited

Immersive Experience, Highly Detailed Rooms Built by Our Creative Team, Original Puzzles and Special Effects. This Escape Room Will Make You Feel Like You’re on The Set of Your Favorite Pirate Movie!

Aha Moments, A Case of the Giggles, The Need for High-Fives, Lasting Memories with Friends and Family.

Escape Room Pricing



Plus Tax

  • 3 Amazing Rooms
  • Unlimited hints
  • Snacks and beer available for purchase